Industry Standard Security Products



Managed Public Key Infrastructure

SwissPKITM is a feature rich, fully integrated Public Key Infrastructure service which helps expand your enterprise security: from large scale deployments to Embedded or CloudsHSM solution, our service provides all necessary out-of-the box components to increase your digital security in a safe, simple and quick way.

Hardware Security Module


Key Management secured with Securosys’ HSM

Robust and centralized hardware based key management for Public Key Infrastructure, Oracle TDE, Apache SSL, Secure Messaging and Key Management Service integrating Securosys’s Primus HSM and CloudsHSM.

AIA | IDES Reporter


Tax reporting made easy with AIA | IDES Reporter

AIA | IDES Reporter is a software that enables organizations to deliver both AIA/EAR and FATCA tax reporting. The product validates XML reports for AIA/EAR or FATCA conformity and provides data encryption and digital signature according to the respective specifications.

MIFID Transmitter


MIFID II reporting made easy with MIFID Transmitter

Secure data transmission engine compliant with the 2008/10/EC directive for financial institutions exchanging trading information. MiFID II imposes reporting requirements and tests in order to increase transparency and reduce the use of dark pools and OTC trading.

libC Card


Crypto chip filesystem

JavaCard security elements provide a certified ecosystem that allows you to load and run a client application. We develop and supply various applications (Java Applet), the most common uses of which are PKI, wallet & payment and access/identity management (IAM).

libC Notary


Digital signature driver to produce ZertES & ETSI conform PDF/A documents

Print, save, archive, search, scan, index, retrieve, sign and time stamp any paper and digital PDF/A-1b document using any application. Embed ETSI conform qualified digital signature and time stamp tokens using your preferred crypto provider and incorporate Anywhere Code Bar to digitally validate documents using smartphones.

libC Browser


ASN.1 structure and PKCS#11 object editor

Browser/Editor for ASN.1 structures, PKCS#11 object manipulation, object creation and smartcard file system objects.  Features symmetric and asymmetric key generation, software key import, digital signatures, data encryption, digest operations, X.509 CSR and certificate issuance. Card file system object browser and editor.



Turnkey solution for availability management

In a hospital organisation, managing the occasional need for staff resources takes a lot of time on a daily basis, from searching for suitable profiles to soliciting Pool members, planning and validating schedules. By delegating these tasks to OptiPlanner, you save up to 80% of the time spent on availability management.